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User Manual SNH-V6414BN
0678 !
This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules.
Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device may not cause
harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including
interference that may cause undesired operation.
Operational Description
The operational description shall fulfil the requirements of Rule Part 2.1033(b)(4). The rule
part requires, "A brief description of the circuit functions of the device along with a
statement describing how the device operates. This statement should contain a
description of the ground system and antenna, if any, used with the device".
The above requirement has been further interpreted by the FCC to mean that the
description shall:
a. be an operational or technical description of how the device operates, is modulated
and meets requirements;
b. describe the EUT completely. What is it (in plain English as well as technical terms)?
Give a clear, concise functional description of device operation.
c. always describe the signal, such as modulation type, pulse repetition rate, signal type
and information being sent. Describe all modulation types and all data rates.
Instructions & Warranty
The manufacturer is not responsible for any loss or radio/TV interference caused by
unauthorized modification of the product.
Such modification will void the warranty of the product as well as the user’s right of use.
• The product must be assembled and installed by an adult.
• Before using, read all instructions on this manual thoroughly and follow operational
instructions, warnings on this manual and printed on the product.
• To avoid entangled power cord, do not place it around the baby bed or other infant
furniture. Keep this product and its power cord out of children’s reach.
©2015 Hanwha Techwin Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.
Each of trademarks herein is registered. The name of this product and other trademarks
mentioned in this manual are the registered trademark of their respective company.
Copyright of this document is reserved. Under no circumstances, this document shall be
reproduced, distributed or changed, partially or wholly, without formal authorization.
Samsung makes the best to verify the integrity and correctness of the contents in this
document, but no formal guarantee shall be provided. Use of this document and the
subsequent results shall be entirely on the user’s own responsibility. Samsung reserves
the right to change the contents of this document without prior notice.
Samsung SmartCam
User Manual
• Especially, the power cord should be installed carefully while keeping it out of
children’s reach.
• Never use the product near bath tub, sink, washing machine and in wet basement to
avoid moisture.
• The product is designed for indoor use.
• The product is not designed for medical monitoring, and requires a grown-up’s
protective supervision on its use.
• To avoid overheating of the product, do not expose the product to direct sunlight; do
not install or use near a heat source such as heater, radiator, cooking devices (ex:
electric stove or oven) and other warming devices (ex: audio amplifier, TV, etc.).
• Make sure to keep ventilated while using the product.
Avoid pillar or furniture that may block ventilation, when installing the product.
• Make sure to use the power adaptor provided. If used with unidentified adaptor, it
may damage the product. The power adaptor must be used with regular household
electric supply.
• Avoid sharp, pointed objects around the adaptor’s cable, not to damage the cable.
• Be warned and never hold the cable’s stripped part when connecting / disconnecting
the adaptor to/from the wall outlet.
• To avoid entangled cable lines, avoid using cable extension for adaptor’s power cord.
• The product’s servicing is allowed only to authorized Samsung service personnel.
• When using the product for children’s care, be careful to keep the product out of
children’s reach.
• The product partially contains component which might cause respiration difficulty.
Accessories and small parts of the product should be stored keeping out of children’s
• The product is not designed to replace responsibility of human supervision on
• The product is not equipped with device of immediate notification to adult with
accidental/sudden children‘s move; it requires periodic checks and human
• This appliance and its antenna must not be collocated or operation in conjunction
with any other antenna or transmitter. A minimum separation distance of 20 cm must
be maintained between the antenna and the person for this appliance to satisfy the
RF exposure requirements.
• Please note that the content of a micro SD card used for other purposes may be
deleted when it is mounted in the camera.
Features ……………………………………………………… 4
What’s Included ……………………………………………… 5
Part names and functions …………………………………… 6
inSTALLATion & neTwoRk ConneCTion
Installation …………………………………………………… 8
Network Connection and Settings …………………………… 10
Registration …………………………………………………… 11
Live Video …………………………………………………… 14
Setup ………………………………………………………… 17
Event Alarm ………………………………………………… 24
Playback ……………………………………………………… 24
Information …………………………………………………… 25
Specifications ………………………………………………… 27
Troubleshooting ……………………………………………… 30
4 · English
Features 4
what’s included 5
part names and functions 6
Power Supply 7
01GettinG Started
• Dedicated wi-Fi product
- The camera is registered through the Wi-Fi connection.
• easy to install
- The Wi-Fi Direct button allows easy connection to a wireless router.
- Simply visit the home page ( and download and
install the program without a separate installer program.
• Remote monitoring
- Whenever and wherever if you are in the Internet enabled environment, remote
monitoring is ready for you.
- PC, laptop or smart phone can be used for monitoring.
• Real-time alarm
- When a motion and sound are detected, your smartphone will generate real time
• Saving in SD card
- When an event occurs, the user can save the video in their SD card.
• Two-way Audio
- With the built-in speakers and microphone, you can make Two-way
However, it is available only with the smart phone. (Not applicable to the PC or
laptop computer.)
etting Started
What’s Included
Check for components when opening the product package.
Camera Power adapter and cable Quick Start Guide Warranty Card
GPL Lisence Tapping screw Plastic anchor
n ` Keep the packing container. You will need the serial number later to register the camera.
6 · English
Part names and functions
Luminance Sensor
Detects light levels where the camera is placed.
Night vision mode changes according to detection
Micro card insertion hole
Generate audio output from your smart phone.
wi-Fi Direct button
Wi-Fi is used for wireless communication between
camera and smartphone.
Cable clip
Insert the power cable between the clips to
connect it.
Bracket knob
Connect the camera and bracket.
Reset button
Resets the camera settings to the default.
The system restarts if you press the button for 10
seconds using a pointed object such as a needle.
J ` If you press too strongly, the button can break.
Camera lens
Built-in iR LeDs for night vision
power / wi-Fi status LeD, Built-in Mic
power Connection Button
It connects with a power adapter.
etting Started
power Supply
Plug-in the camera power adapter to the wall outlet and connect the camera as
n ` Make sure to use the provided power adaptor. If you use an adaptor other than the power supply adaptor provided in our package, the product may not operate properly.
` It will take about 1min for the camera to boot-up completely.
` When the camera is turned on, the LED blinks red.
❖ LeD status
LED indicator shows operational status with colors.
Refer to table below for detailed meaning of the LED indicator.
Color Status
Red Booting up
Red Blinking Booting completed / Establishing network connection
Blue Blinking Connecting to the network.
Blue Local connection established
Green Connection to server completed / Normal operation
Yellow/Light Green Waiting to connect with a wireless router
Purple Updating firmware
8 · English
installation 8
Precautions 8
Installing on the wall with screws 8
Adjusting the camera angle 9
network Connection and Settings 10
Precautions 10
Connection using the Wi-Fi Direct function 10
02inStallation & network ConneCtion
1. Install the camera in a place where the Wi-Fi signal can be reached and
without interference.
2. Keep it away from humidity such as around the humidifier.
3. Keep it away from direct sunlight, strong light or dust; install it in a place with
clear view.
4. Do not install it in a place where there are a lot of obstacles.
5. Keep the lens clean at all times.
Wipe off the dust with a soft cloth.
installing on the wall with screws
1. Remove the rubber packing attached to the
camera stand.
2. Take out the screws (M3xL20) and anchors
3. If installing on a wooden wall, mount the bracket
wall using the screws as shown in the figure on
the side. First, using a Phillips screwdriver,
tighten the screws in the two holes on the wall to
which you want to attach the bracket.
Installation & Netw
ork Connection
4. If installing on a concrete wall, mount the
bracket using screws and anchors. First,
mark the wall to which you want to attach
the bracket as shown in the figure.
5. On the mark, drill a hole to a depth of about
3cm in the wall using a drill bit and drill with a
5mm diameter for concrete. Remove any
debris remaining in the hole after drilling.
J ` Use caution when drilling to avoid injury.
6. Insert an anchor in each of the 2 holes for the
screws, then hit the back of the anchor with a
hammer or a rubber mallet until it is
completely inserted.
7. Insert a screw in each of the 2 holes in the
wall, and tighten the screws using a Phillips
8. Connect the adapter plug to the power
terminal of the camera.
9. If necessary, adjust the angle of the cable clip
and plug in the power cable.
10. If the bracket hinge becomes loose, remove the
rubber cover and tighten the screw using a
Adjusting the camera angle
1. Place the camera stand on a flat
2. Adjust the camera’s shooting angle as
n ` If the bracket hinge becomes loose, remove the rubber cover and tighten the
screw using a screwdriver, then adjust the
direction of the camera.
10 · English
• The wireless network access may fail, depending on the communications
• For details about the network settings and password, contact your network
administrator or service provider.
• For a specific Internet service requiring user authentication, you may not access
the service. If this is the case, contact the service provider.
• Do not access the unauthorized network.
• The farther the distance from the Wireless Access Point, the longer time the
network connection may take.
• If you fail to access the selected wireless network, try a different Wireless
Access Point to make access.
• For more information about the router or the wireless connection, refer to the
documentation of the router or contact the router manufacturer.
• If the camera is connected to a multiple-Wireless Access Point network
environment, some video packets may be lost, depending on the network traffic
• According to the network policy (blocking UDP) of the service provider, the video
transmission can be limited to 7 minutes.
For more details, refer to the descriptions on page 16, .
• In addition to the above two situations, you may encounter a network delay or
interruption due to the network conditions.
• Some hubs can have compatibility issues.
Network Connection and Settings Connection using the wi-Fi Direct function
What is Wi-Fi Direct?
Using Wi-Fi Direct, you can easily connect your camera to a router without a
1. When the power is connected, the power status LED lights up in red and
starts blinking when boot-up is complete.
2. When you press the Wi-Fi Direct button on the rear side of the camera, the
LED color changes to yellow/light green.
3. Register and select a camera, referring to the instructions in the mobile guide.
4. While the camera is connected to the server, status LED remains green.
5. Set up the wireless network environment in accordance with the
guidance on page. 19.
n ` The camera can only be registered via mobile.
` You can connect in relay mode if the router doesn't have UPnP.
Configuration may differ depending on the router model. Please refer to the router
` Please contact the service provider if you have difficulty connecting to the Internet.
Wi-Fi Direct Button
Registration 11
Web browser requirements 11
Starting SmartCam 11
Live Video 14
Monitoring options 15
Setup 17
Basic Info 17
Network 19
Time 20
Alarm & Notification 21
Alarm Schedule 22
SD card 23
event Alarm 24
playback 24
information 25
My Account 25
Support 26
This product allows camera registration via a smartphone only.
Please refer to the mobile guide for a detailed description of camera registration.
web browser requirements
Windows Mac
Windows 7 or higher is supported
- Internet Explorer 9 or higher
(The 64-bit is not supported.)
- Firefox
Mac OSX 10.7 Lion or higher is
- Firefox
- Safari
Starting SmartCam
1. From your PC, launch your web browser.
2. Go to
3. Select preferred language.
4. Click or .
12 · English
❖ plug in installation
You can only see the camera image after installing a plug-in.
n ` If you login or click in a PC where the plug in is not installed, the installation message window will pop up.
` When you install the plug in, the web browser will be terminated and you need to
launch it again.
1) Click , run the setup file.
For windows
2) Click .
3) Click to begin the installation.
4) Installation has completed.
For Mac
2) Click .
3) Click .
4) Enter MAC PC password and click .
5) Installation has completed.
14 · English
5. Enter the requested information, and click .
• ID : Using alphabetical characters and numbers, make a combination
using 8 to 14 letters.
• Password : To strengthen security, create a password with a combination
of special characters, numerals and English letters.
J ` Length and other restrictions of password.
- A combination of English letters/numerals: 10 digits or more
- The password must not be identical to your ID.
- No simple repetitive pattern must be used.
e.g., 1212abab,azxsazxs
- You cannot use 4 or more consecutive letters.
e.g., 1234, abcd
- You cannot use 4 or more consecutive qwerty keyboard letters.
e.g., asdf, 7890
- You cannot use any letter 4 consecutive times.
e.g., !!!!, 1111, aaaa
• Confirm Password : Please enter the password again for confirmation.
• Name : Enter the user name.
• E-mail : Please make sure you enter correct email address as you will have
to use the email address to receive temporary ID/password when you lost
your user ID or password.
1. Select a camera from the camera list at the upper left hand of the screen.
n ` The gray icon indicates the camera is inactive so you cannot monitor it right now.
2. Enter the camera password and click .
n ` Check on to access your camera without entering the password next time.
` If you want to change the Camera password, please refer to on page 17.
3. Live video will be displayed on the screen.
Live Video
Monitoring options
Item Description
a Default Camera Set the default camera to monitor in the camera list.
b Delete Camera Delete the registered camera.
c Cancel remembering
camera password Cancel remembering the camera password.
d Night Vision
If Night Vision is set , it will automatically switch to black
and white mode in the dark condition and then the IR lamp will
automatically operate.
If Night Vision is set , it does not switch to night vision mode
and it will operate in color mode.
Item Description
Compensate the backlight by brightening any dark areas and
darkening any bright areas.
f LDC To determine whether or not to use the image distortion correction.
g Motion zone setting It detects motion within the range set by a user.
h Flip/Mirror You can flip/mirror the video image.
i Network Speed
Set the network speed (low/mid/high).
` If the bandwidth provided by your internet service provider is smaller
than the recommended value, then the video might get fuzzy or
temporary disconnections or delays in the live video may be caused.
j Manual recording
A user can directly save videos in their SD card.
` If there is an ongoing event now or overwrite to SD card is not
checked, and there is storage space of 10% remaining, you
cannot perform manual recording.
` If you move the page or turn off the browser without turning off
the manual recording button, it will be saved for a max of 30
seconds and manual recording will be finished.
k Capture Image Live video is saved as one image.
l Sound
When enabled, you can hear what’s happening around the camera.
` Some internet service providers do not support audio outputs in
relay mode.
m Full screen
Converts the current image to full screen size.
` The system supports Internet Explorer only.
` If you double-click the screen, the full screen mode is terminated.
n o q m p h l k f g e j b ca
i d 16 · English
Item Description
n Brightness You can adjust the brightness of the screen image.
o Hide/unhide detailed
menu Click on the [ ] icon to unhide or hide detailed setting menu.
p Audio
Adjust the volume of the built-in microphone and speaker of the
camera as appropriate.
If you set the mic setting to '0', you will not hear the live audio, and
it will not be recorded in your SD card. Note that the Two-way audio
transfer function is available only with the smart phone application.
q Add a camera Click the [ ] icon to register an additional camera.
❖ wireless network Speed
Profile Name Resolution Frame rate Recommended bandwidth
Low Speed Network VGA 20 fps 0.7Mbps
Mid Speed Network HD(720P) 15 fps 1Mbps
High Speed Network Full HD(1080P) 30 fps 2.8Mbps
n ` What is relay mode? If the network condition is unstable, the camera cannot make a normal connection
(P2P), so it will set up a connection in relay mode. In this case, you will see the video
for the first seven minutes only.
` Relay mode is added feature where the video from the camera is transmitted to
Samsung server then retransmitted to the user's computer.
` If you have trouble connection to the camera, visit "http://www.samsungsmartcam.
com", go to support page, and refer to “Troubleshooting” on it.
` It is recommended to use one browser at one time.
` The Night Vision video produces a different visibility according to the distance between
camera and subject.
` The number of available concurrent users for a single camera may vary depending on
the speed of your Wi-Fi router.
❖ Motion Zone Setting
1) Click the < > icon.
2) Drag it to the screen to set the detection area.
3) Click on .
If you want to delete the set area, click on .
n ` The function needs to be activated in order to use the motion zone function.
` You can set up to 3 motion zones.
Basic info
a b c d f e Item Description
a Serial number You can confirm the serial number.
b Camera password
Click the , you can change the Camera password.
Enter the current camera password, and type a new Camera password.
c Camera Name Click the , you can change the camera name.
d Firmware Version
You can check the current version and the latest version of your
camera S/W.
e Status LED You can turn on/off the LED in your camera.
f Flickerless
You can reduce the occurrence of screen shaking due to the frequency
mismatches with the neighboring lighting.
n ` If you change the camera password, you will be logged out and return to the camera password input page.
` Keep the camera password in a safe place as it is used for viewing the live screen of
the camera or for changing the display settings.
18 · English
❖ Firmware update
If the currently used S/W is not of the latest version, update it.
If you are using the latest version, then the firmware will not be activated.
1) Click .
2) Click the < > icon to update the firmware.
3) When the firmware update is finished, the camera will reboot.
n ` The duration of the firmware update depends on the size of the firmware file and the network connection speed.
` When executing the firmware update, the camera LED turns purple.
J ` Please do not cut off the camera power or Internet connection during a firmware update. The system may be damaged.
Item Description
a AP (Access Point) list
You will see a list of APs (Access Point) available. Select a desired one
from the list of APs (Access Point).
b AP (Access Point)
You can access the network by entering the password set for the
wireless router.
For the password, contact your network administrator.
c Hidden SSID
Select a different WiFi network, entering its SSID, the type of security
that it uses, and the wireless password configured in the router's
n ` If you select a non-secured AP (Access Point), you just can access the network without providing a specific password.
` If you cannot connect to the wireless network, check that you entered the wireless
router password correctly.
` Please refer to the router manual or contact the router manufacturer if you need more
information concerning the router or wireless connection.
a b c 20 · English
Item Description
a Time Confirm the camera's time.
b Time Zone Select your region.
c Display Time Select the time format displayed in time setting.
d Automatic Time It sets camera's time automatically.
e Daylight Saving Time
Check this option if you live in a country or region where DST(Daylight
Saving Time) is applied.
f Time to show Live screen displays the time.
n ` The time will synchronize with the NTP(Network Time Protocol) server automatically. For this, Internet connection is required.
` You need to set the timezone correctly to obtain the exact time setting.
` The time displayed without Internet connection may not be accurate.
c d b a fe 21
Alarm & notification
Camera has ability to send event notifications when motion or audio is detected.
Item Description
a Alarm notification
You can set motion or audio alerts. Sensitivity level can also be set.
The higher the sensitivity, the more accurate motion and audio events
can be detected.
` When an event occurs, if you want to send alerts to Gmail, first log
into your google account.
n ` In the following case, it may fail to derive the proper results for basic events and motion detection.
- The object color or brightness is similar to the background.
- Multiple movements continue occurring at random due to a scene change or other reasons.
- A fixed object continues moving in the same position.
- An object hides other objects behind.
- Two or more objects overlap or one object divides in multiple portions.
- A moving object comes close to the camera.
a notification
The event alarm is sent through Gmail.
1. Select the Google.
2. Enter your Gmail address and password.
3. Select of “Send alarms”.
4. Enter your email address to receive the notification e-mail and click .
Now, the receiver full email address will be shown in the List Box. If you want
to register more than one email address, you can just repeat the same
5. Click .
n ` If your Google email ID/password are saved, only check “Send alarms”. ` If the email address for the recipient entered is incorrect, event alerts will not be sent.
` Even if you entered a correct google account ID, if the ID/password confirmation pop up
window appears, click on and check the google account.
email address>
22 · English
push alarm notification
For users whose cameras are registered, a push alarm is provided via the Web
app and the mobile app.
• Push alert list shows the list of IDs of users who registered cameras.
When an alarm occurs, the web site will send push alerts to each smart phone.
Alarm Schedule
When the user designates a desired day and time, the alarm works only at the
designated time.
Item Description
a Only Scheduled Time
Alarm function will only operate for the time/day designated by the
b Always Alarm function always operates.
c Motion time settings
You can click and drag to set the motion time in hours.
Example) When you select 00, an event will occur and remain from
00 to 00:59
b c a 23
SD card
When an event occurs, it is saved in an SD card.
Item Description
a Use the SD card
If you set motion/audio, video will be automatically saved in your SD
b Continuous Recording Saves the video without being interrupted by events that may occur.
c Overwrite
If the SD card capacity is insufficient, it will start overwriting the oldest
` When there is storage capacity of 10% remaining, the top
notification window will show an alarm.
d SD Card Status Check the remaining capacity of your SD card and delete all the data.
n ` Turn off the camera power or set it to before removing the micro SD card. If you fail to do this, the data in the micro SD camera may be damaged.
` Please note that the content of a micro SD card used for other purposes may be
deleted when it is mounted in the camera.
` The following micro SD cards are recommended for this camera.
Manufacturer : Sandisk, Transcend
Class 6 or higher, MLC type
` Micro SD card of max 128GB is supported and a FAT32 file system is supported.
` It is recommended to use the micro SD card after formatting it. Regularly formatting
the memory card will help extend its life.
c b d a 24 · English
Event Alarm
You can check the event alarm that occurred.
Item Description
a Delete by dates Delete all the event alarms on the date.
b Delete All Delete all the event alarms for thirty days.
c Display Events Displays the number of events occurred in the 30 day list.
d Arrange by types Arrange the event list by event types.
You can play the video recorded in your SD card.
Item Description
a Type Set the event type to search for during the search period.
b Date Set the search date for the data saved in your SD card.
c Play/pause Play and pause video.
d Search Perform event searches.
e Refresh Renew the events displayed in timeline.
f Timeline Use the timeline to play the video in the desired time.
b c a d
e f a b c d 25
Information My Account
n ` If you want to change the member information, click on . Select the item (password, or email address) and enter your information.
26 · English
You can download the Samsung SmartCam mobile app and user guide.
Specifications 27
Specifications 27
Product Appearance 29
Troubleshooting 30
04appendix Item DescriptionOS LinuxResolution 1920x1080, 1280x720, 640x360Max. Framerate 1080p@30fps
Video Compression Format H.264
Streaming Capability Multiple Streaming (Up to 4 Profiles)
Angular Field of View (D/V/H) 130°/ 63°/ 113°
Low Light Performance 0.3Lux(Color), 0Lux(Black/White)
Day & Night True D/N Filter
Night vision IR-LED, 10M
Digital Zoom 4X
Flip / Mirror Support
Motion Detection Support
28 · English
Item Description
Audio Detection Support
Audio I/O Built-in microphone and speaker
Audio Compression Format G.711 u-law
Audio Communication 2-Way Audio (Built-in Microphone & Speaker), Half Duplex
Memory Slot SDXC memory slot (up to 128GB)
Recording & Playback Event recording, Manual recording, Continuous recording, Remote playback
Ethernet Wireless Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n (Single-band)
WiFi Direct Support (Push button)
HTTPS(SSL) Login Authentication
Digest Login Authentication
Max. User Access 5 users at Unicast Mode
Operating Temperature / Humidity DC 5V, 0°C ~ 40°C (+32°F ~ +104°F) / Less than 90% RH
Ingress Protection Indoor
Input Voltage / Current 5V/2A
Power Consumption 5W
Indication 1 LED (Power, Status, Link)
Item Description
Color/Material Black/Plastic
Dimension Ø65mm × 36.5mm (without bracket)
Weight 137g
product Appearance
unit: mm (inch)
36.75 5.45
30 · English
If you encounter a problem with your system, see the table below to solve the problem
as quickly and easily as possible. Please follow the instruction below:
Problem Action
I forgot my user ID/
- Move to “Log-in page  Forgot your ID/Password?”, and enter the
registered e-mail address to which we will send you the user ID and/or a
new password.
It can be spammed out depending on the policy of the email server.
After logged in, it is advisable to change the temporary password provided.
Camera is not
connected to the
wireless hub.
- If the camera's wireless internet indication LED goes off too often, then it
means that the camera installation location is not optimal for the wireless
internet environment, so in this case, locate the camera close to the wireless
hub and try to connect again.
- Check the password for the wireless hub and try again.
After logged in,
I failed to register the
- Check that the serial number entered matches the label on the back of the
- Enter the correct password for the camera registered again and try to
register the camera again.
- Check the camera LED to see if it is yellow or light green.
- If you are still unable to register the camera after this, then reset the camera
to factory settings and begin again.
(If you want to reset to factory settings, press and hold the initialize button
on the back for 10 sec. Once initialized to factory settings, the camera will
be restarted.)
Problem Action
The video from the
camera is temporarily
- The video from the camera can be delayed according to a network delay.
Please check if the camera is installed in a place of proper wireless Internet
No sound is output
from the video.
- Click the Voice icon in the video playback page, or check if the voice is
turned On in your smart phone app.
- Some internet service providers do not support audio outputs in relay mode.
I forgot my Camera
- You must create a new camera password.
- Press the initialization button on the back of the product for more than 10
seconds to reset to factory settings.
- After factory initialization, when you access the camera, you can reset the
password for the camera.
I want to change my
password and/or
email address.
- After logging in, click on the . Select the item (password, or
email address) and enter your information.
Camera will be
connected in a relay
- Check the UPnP setting of the router.
- Using a network upload speed of 700Kbps or higher is recommended.
- Depending on the policy of your service provider, you can access in relay
Correct Disposal of This Product
(Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment)
(Applicable in the European Union and other European countries with separate
collection systems)
This marking on the product, accessories or literature indicates that the product and
its electronic accessories (e.g. charger, headset, USB cable) should not be disposed
of with other household waste at the end of their working life. To prevent possible
harm to the environment or human health from uncontrolled waste disposal, please
separate these items from other types of waste and recycle them responsibly to
promote the sustainable reuse of material resources.
Household users should contact either the retailer where they purchased this
product, or their local government office, for details of where and how they can take
these items for environmentally safe recycling.
Business users should contact their supplier and check the terms and conditions
of the purchase contract. This product and its electronic accessories should not be
mixed with other commercial wastes for disposal.
Samsung cares for the environment at all product manufacturing stages, and is taking
measures to provide customers with more environmentally friendly products.
The Eco mark represents Samsung devotion to creating environmentally friendly
products, and indicates that the product satisfies the EU RoHS Directive.
6, Pangyo-ro 319beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, 463-400 Rep. of KOREA
Tel : +82-70-7147-8753, 8764 Fax : +82-31-8018-3740
100 Challenger Rd. Suite 700 Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660
Customer support : +1-877-349-3149
Samsung House, 1000 Hillswood Drive, Hillswood Business Park Chertsey,
Customer support : 00800-8010-8022

Online Document Converter

This website help webmasters to achieve a better user experience. Instead of putting a link to download their prices lists and another type of documents, you can simply send a special link to this service, and we will show your document to your users directly without the need of downloading a special application or installing another browsers plugin. Currently, we can read about hundred the most used database files. Moreover, your users can share this document directly on social networks, giving your document additional page views. By using this service, you can save costs by not overloading your own web server, give your users a better way to read documents online without any problems, and allow them to easily download converted copy for offline reading in a format they like.

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