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CDMA to GSM migration Instructions {because of CDMA Network Problem}
1. The existing GARUDA connection customers, who intend to migrate, will be permanently closed
due to migration to GSM. The new GSM number on new GSM SIM {for both POSTPAID &
PREPAID} shall be given FREE OF COST to the subscriber. Furthermore NO ACTIVATION /
ONE TIME Charge shall be taken from the subscriber as this is special case where subscriber has
already paid the activation in GARUDA. The activity will be done from Sanchar Haats{S-H}. The
S-H will ensure that ONLY the bonafide customer of GARUDA is given GSM SIM in place of
2. The POSTPAID subscriber is FREE to choose any of the existing POSTPAID GSM Plan. And
PREPAID Subscriber shall be given JEEVANSAATHI GSM Plan only at the time of activation,
however he can later on choose any of the GSM plan by using appropriate STV {Special Tariff
Voucher}at his own cost. Activation charges and one time charges will be waived off for this
migration scheme.
3. For CDMA POSTPAID Subscribers migrating from CDMA to GSM, BILLING DISCOUNT of
upto Rs. 500/- shall be given in general, i.e. the CDMA subscriber having Out Standing bill upto
Rs 500 /- at the time of Migration, shall have to make NO payment. And CDMA customer having
outstanding more than Rs 500 /- will be given a discount on case to case basis depending upon the
problem faced by him and period of such issue. However, at least Rs 500 /- discount will be
definitely given to such customers having total unpaid outstanding more than Rs 500 /- till last bill.
4. If GARUDA number is Permanently disconnected (Due to Non Payment i.e. DNP or due to
surrender) before then it will not be eligible for this scheme and decision of
DGM(CC)WS unit will be final on case to case basis for exceptional cases.
5. For CDMA PREPAID Subscribers: The Closing CDMA PREPAID balance shall be transferred
to new GSM PREAPID SIM by SDE{IN}GSM as per the list of Closing balance. Furthermore,
CDMA PREPAID Subscribers in general, shall be given a FREE Bonus talk time worth Rs. 500/at the time of Migration
6. On daily basis the SDE{S-H} shall send by e-mail to the complete
mapping list of GSM number given against CDMA numbers along with name of the subscriber.
7. Since PCO plans are NOT available in GSM hence there shall be no migration for Local or STD
PCO holders of CDMA. The normal GSM connection can be taken in place of PCO as above.
8. In case of FWP/FWT, handsets {viz. Huawei’s ETS-2288/ETS-1201 & Pantech’s
HTP801/HTT801} are MTNL’s property in the hands of subscriber but are very old and not usable
by M.T.N.L now, hence these shall not be surrendered {for both POSTPAID & PREPAID} by the
FWP/FWT subscribers and the DISCONNECTION work order shall be generated in the CRMsystem by the respective S-H operator. There is no need for recovery of Handset, also no damage
charges shall be levied due to any missing /damaged set.
9. In case of CDMA’s MOBILE LANDLINE 1+1 scheme the Mobile Handsets {viz. Huawei C300,
Hisence C677 & Curitel CX-858} were given by MTNL free of cost against the security of
Landline, hence these handsets are MTNL’s property in the hands of subscriber but these handsets
are now old /non repairable and need not be taken back, thus these shall not be surrendered {for
both POSTPAID & PREPAID} by the subscribers and the DISCONNECTION work order shall be
generated in the CRM-system by the Sanchar Haat.
10. Furthermore since in LANDLINE 1+1 scheme {of both FWP/FWT & Mobile} the
UNDERTAKING was taken from subscriber that when he gets his CDMA number disconnected,
then his LANDLINE Connection shall as well be disconnected by virtue of common security for
CDMA Handset and Landline. But now with rolling out of this scheme his landline shall not be
disconnected due to migration of such GARUDA connection to GSM.
11. CDMA Data Card subscribers {both POST & PRE} as well as FWP/FWT Internet only
subscribers can migrate to 3G GSM PREPAID SIM alongwith GSM Data Card {worth Rs
1200/- with 15GB free data-valid for One Month}, FREE OF COST as one time offer. However
subscriber has to pay as per recharge coupon {RCV/STV} choose for the subsequent period/usage.
The CDMA data card to be returned as a proof. The Status of DATA CARD number should be
ACTIVE or SUSPENDED in the IN /CB-CRM system. This scheme is not applicable for CDMA
DATA Card subscribers lying in IDLE / POOLED status in IN/CB-CRM. However final decision
will be taken on case to case basis by CC-WS unit.
12. Although this is technological migration from CDMA to GSM. But since the CAF of each service
is maintained separately by MTNL for onward submission of Data to TERM Cell. Same
procedure shall be followed as being followed for new GSM booking and activation {i.e. filled
CAF with photo and ID proof shall be collected}.
13. The FREE GSM SIM shall be given and the migration to GSM shall be done only in the name of
same CDMA subscriber {i.e. Change of name in migration is not permitted}. However change of
address is permitted as per already laid down procedures.
14. This scheme shall be implemented only from ALL S-H and NOT from DSA/Franchisee of
15. Regarding choice of GSM number for prepaid/postpaid- The available unallocated MSISDN
of GSM will be given to CDMA subscriber migrating in this scheme. However, as for PREPAID
the numbers are already packed and sent in market. If the CDMA subscriber chooses such
PREPAID number it will be given to him by CC-WS unit and the number already with retailer
shall be changed to new number and informed to retailer by sales SALES-WS unit, for this the
CC-WS unit will inform such numbers to SALES-WS unit.
16. The GSM Premium number shall be given to subscribers having CDMA premium number. The
subscriber having CDMA premium number of can opt for available GSM premium number as per
table given below
Having CDMA premium number of Can choose GSM No. of
Rs. 1000,3000,5000 Rs. 5000
Rs.7000 Rs. 7000
Rs. 8000, 10000 Rs. 10000
17. In case the subscriber having the GARUDA PREMIUM / Normal number insists on retaining the
same GARUDA PREMIUM/Normal number, the subscriber shall be given the option of getting
his number DISCONNECTED and the PREMIUM Charges {excluding Tax} deposited with
MTNL shall be refunded to subscriber.
18. The security of STD/ISD of CDMA number if any shall be adjusted as advance payment on New
GSM number.
19. Those subscriber who are already having an Old GSM number and are not willing to get New
GSM number in lieu of their CDMA number as per MIGRATION Scheme, may be given option
of getting their CLOSING CDMA BALANCE transferred to their Old GSM number and
GARUDA number will be closed.
20. Those CDMA subscriber who want to retain their CDMA number for I/C facility only even after
existence of Network problem in their area, may be given FREE OF COST Call Diversion
facility on MTNL GSM or MTNL LANDLINE number. The CDMA subscriber claim for
network complaints will no longer be valid after availing this facility. Since there is no
provision of giving this facility from CB-CRM hence this facility shall be given only on case to
case basis from HLR by NSS unit on e-mail from CC unit, subject to technical feasibility.
The calls so diverted will not be charged on CDMA number.
21. The release of these instructions suppresses the earlier instructions on this subject released on
Feb-2013 and is applicable for all CDMA customers.

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