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Transcript 1-877-812-8881
Telephone Quick
Reference Guide
DS 24D
DS 24 telephones do not
have an ANS/RLS key but
can be programmed using
a feature key.
The ANS/RLS key can be used to answer a ringing call or hang up.
Making Calls Internal Dial the extension number.
External Press an idle line key or dial ‘9’, then dial the telephone number.
Using the Speakerphone When using the handset, press SPEAKER and hang up.
To disconnect from a hands free call, press ANS/RLS
To allow group listening press scroll key three times, press listen
soft key.
Hold Regular Press the HOLD key once.
Exclusive Press the HOLD key twice
This feature will hold a line exclusively on your set and cannot be
picked up from another telephone.
Transfer While talking, press DSS/BLF station key or,
press the TRANSFER key, dial extension.
announce the call if required,
hang-up or press ANS/RLS key to complete the transfer
if you need to return to the caller press the RETURN soft key.
Conference Call Make or receive your first call,
press CONF key or press SCROLL . CONF.
press DSS/BLF key or,
dial extension or outside telephone number,
press CONF key to add another party or
press CONF key twice to begin conference.
Maximum of 5 parties can be connected. 1-877-812-8881
Personal Speed Dial
Programming Press TRANSFER, dial 105
Enter speed dial memory number (00-49)
Dial ‘9’ and the telephone number
Press TRANSFER to store the number
To use personal Speed dial Press SPEAKER or lift handset,
Press speed dial, Enter 2 digit memory code 00-49
To use system Speed dial Press SPEAKER or lift handset,
Press speed dial, Enter 3 digit memory code 500-999
Last Number Redial Press REDIAL or dial ‘19’’
Automatic Redial Receive busy tone, press SCROLL and press RETRY.
The system makes up to 15 attempts to dial the busy
telephone number. Lift and replace handset to cancel.
Headset Operation Press the HEADSET key to disable the handset then use the
ANS/RLS key to answer and disconnect callers
Paging Lift handset and press Page key or
dial ‘55’ + paging group.
Press * for all call
Page, press ANS/RLS key or hang up when complete
Meet Me Paging Lift handset, dial ‘54’ plus page group
Press * for all call
Page, press WAIT softkey or Transfer when done.
Remain off hook
To respond On any telephone, Lift handset, Dial 56.
Changing your name Press TRANSFER, dial 104
Spell your name using the keypad. press
Use the Volume Keys to move cursor.
Press Hold to erase name
Press TRANSFER when complete
Changing intercom mode Press TRANSFER, dial 103
Use volume keys to set intercom answer mode
Press TRANSFER when complete
Call Forward options Press TRANSFER, dial 102
Use Volume Keys to select forward type
All, Busy, No Answer , Busy/No Answer, DND Auto or External
Press right soft key
Dial extension or group number
To transfer to an external number dial 9 +number.
Use Volume Keys to select Yes/No
Press TRANSFER when complete
Set Busy and No Answer destinations before selecting
Changing Ringing Press TRANSFER, dial 111
Dial 1 thru 8 or Volume Keys
Use Volume Keys to select Yes/No
Press TRANSFER when complete 1-877-812-8881
If you have a SVMi series Voicemail system :
To Access Voicemail Press VM key
Enter your password default is 0000
Use the softkeys to listen to messages
To transfer a call directly to a mailbox
Press Transfer, Dial Voicemail group
DS16 systems, Voicemail is 509
iDCS systems, Voicemail is 519
When voicemail answers
press *, 9 + extension number
press ANS/RLS key or hang up
Using VMXfer key Press VMXFER, dial extension
press ANS/RLS key or hang up
57 for mailbox greeting
#71 password
#72 name
#74 enable/disable extended message information
Press 0 for other options
Voicemail feature codes
* Backs you up 1 menu
# Enter your extension and
password from most menus
Also prompts you to leave a
quick memo when set is idle
1 Listen to new message
2 Record and send a message
3 Listen to saved message
#71 Change your password
#72 Record name
(for Directory and Call Transfer)
#73 Enter your name using the
dial pad
(for Directory)
51+ 3 Selects up to 9 separate greetings
(advanced users only)
57 Change Basic Busy/No answer
66 Auto play of message information
65 Auto play new message
#74 Extended prompting
(See system user guide)
46 Find Me
(Calls you at a series of numbers)
61 Message alert on off
62 Pager notification
#2 Stored telephone number
63 Undelete messages 1-877-812-8881
Feature Codes
Telephone feature codes (xxx can be a local, extension or group)
Call Forwarding
600 Cancel 601 All 602 Busy 603 No Answer
604 Busy/No Answer 605 From another station
606 To external number.
Set a Message on your phone
48 + xx
00 Cancel
01 In a Meeting
02 Out on a call
03 Out to lunch
04 Leave a message
05 Page me
06 Out of town
07 In Tomorrow
08 Return Afternoon
09 On Vacation
10 Gone home
11-30 Customized(See Admin Guide)
Turning on the message light at another
41 Send message
42 Cancel message sent
43 Return message
Holding a call
Flash + 11 or Hold
12 + XXX pick up Held call
16 Enter speed dial #
00-49 station speed dials
500-699 for System speed dial
17 Save and redial
18 New call (Recall)
19 Last number redial
400 Cancel DND
401 Set DND
44 Call Back
45 Busy station camp on
46 Conference
47 Account code
49 CO Flash (Call waiting)
56 Meet me answer
65+XXX Pick up ringing
55 +1-9 (Page Group) or * Page All
0+XXX pick up parked call
9 or 800-899 Trunk groups
701-749 Outside lines
201-399 Station numbers
500-509 Station groups (DS16)
500-519 Station Groups
(iDCS100 or 500)
0 Operator

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