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In-Depth Look at Capabilities:
Samsung KNOX and Android for Work
Silent Install Using the Samsung KNOX Workspace Mobile Device
Management (MDM) APIs, IT admins can install and
enable applications automatically. The simplified
enrollment process supports the fully automated
creation of an enterprise-grade Workspace and
provisioning of apps and policies.
KNOX adds:
Samsung KNOX Mobile Enrollment allows IT Admins
to stage and enroll hundreds or thousands of
employees automatically by configuring device
information in the cloud. Samsung also provides a
web tool and an application to scan smartphone
package bar codes (the device IMEI).
Using the EMM console, IT admins can silently install,
remove, and update apps inside Android for Work.
This capability greatly simplifies the user experience
(and makes life easier for IT admins) because no user
intervention is required to update or remove apps.
KNOX provides the following capabilities to IT admins:
⚫ Install and uninstall applications.
⚫ Restrict installation and uninstallation of
⚫ Disable and enable applications.
⚫ Query the current state of an application.
⚫ Control application behavior.
⚫ Control notifications of applications.
⚫ Configure the email client.
⚫ Configure the SSL VPN Client for Cisco, F5
and Juniper.
Using the EMM console, IT admins can configure the
settings for a particular application. When Android
for Work is configured, app settings are pushed to the
Secure App
Installation from
Google Play
With more than 1500 MDM APIs, KNOX gives IT
admins control over which apps can be run inside
the Workspace, thus eliminating the problem of
sideloading of untrusted apps.
Additionally, administrators can deploy any app
from the Google Play store to the Workspace, or
allow users to install the Google Play app inside the
Workspace. IT admin can also install applications
from a private app store.
Google has introduced a new set of Google Play APIs
for EMM providers to enable app management and
distribution and control app deployment in Android for
Work. As a result, malicious apps cannot be sideloaded.
This new process, combined with the Lollipop Android for
Work Profile, enables IT managers to deploy any
Play app in the Google Play Store to a secure Android
container without any additional wrapping.
Privacy for
KNOX enables private enterprise apps to be installed
on a device.
Organizations concerned about security for their private,
in-house apps can choose to self-host these apps either
internally or through their EMM provider. Either way, selfhosted apps can be excluded from public search results
in the Google Play Store.
Separate Container
for Work Apps
The KNOX Workspace provides an isolated
environment and UI for enterprise use consisting
of a separate home screen, launcher, enterprise
apps, and widgets. Data owned by apps in the KNOX
Workspace is protected by extensive Data At Rest
(DAR) protections. IT admins can use KNOX’s extensive
set of Workspace configuration APIs to provision and
configure the Workspace and its DAR protections.
Android for Work simplifies mobile app management
and security by providing a secure profile, or container,
to Android devices running Android 4.0 and higher.
IT admins can use an EMM to securely provision and
containerize apps on any device with an Android for
Work Profile (Android Lollipop), or the Android for Work
app (Android 4.0 4.4).
Suite of Productivity
Apps (email,
calendar, etc.)
KNOX applies a badge to apps running in the
Workspace to help the user distinguish them from
personal apps.
Android for Work features a suite of secure, badged
PIM apps designed to help workers easily distinguish
between personal and work apps on the device.
Capability Samsung KNOX Android for Work
Data Loss Prevention KNOX MDM policies can regulate sharing of
information between the Workspace and personal
apps. This includes sharing of calendar, contacts and
notifications. Copy/paste clipboard data is blocked
from the Workspace environment to the personal
environment, and vice versa.
KNOX adds:
Sensitive Data Protection
Any sensitive data received when the Workspace
is locked will still be protected by Sensitive Data
Protection (SDP). This works by using a public key
algorithm in which the private part of the key is
maintained in an encrypted partition, and the public
part is used to encrypt the new sensitive data. Once
the Workspace is unlocked, the data is decrypted
with the private key, and re-encrypted using the
usual symmetric key, which is guarded by the CMK.
Currently, email subjects, bodies and attachments
are marked sensitive. Additionally, the SDP
Chamber provides a directory, in which all files are
automatically marked as sensitive, and protected by
EMM governance policies manage a user’s ability to
share into and outside of Android for Work. This includes
the ability to block copy/paste or block screen capture
for apps inside the managed profile. (Note that copy/
paste can be disallowed from the managed profile to the
personal profile, but not vice versa.)
Container VPN KNOX enables additional modes of granular VPN
capabilities both for the Workspace and individual
apps. The MDM-configurable KNOX VPN supports
multiple concurrent VPN connections allowing for
IPSec or SSL VPNs with configurable auto-reconnect
and VPN tunnel chaining.
The KNOX VPN subsystem also supports other forms
of packet processing, including split billing and
network access control.
KNOX adds:
Enterprise Billing provides enterprises a mechanism
to separate enterprise data usage from personal
data usage. This enables enterprises to compensate
employees for costs generated because of work,
particularly in BYOD cases, or to only pay only workrelated data in COPE cases.
VPN features of KNOX include:
⚫ Administrator-configured System VPN.
⚫ Administrator-configured Per-App VPN.
⚫ Administrator-configured Workspace VPN.
⚫ Multiple concurrent VPN connections.
⚫ IPsec and SSL VPN support.
⚫ Administrator-configured FIPS and non-FIPS VPN
⚫ Common Access Card (CAC)-based
⚫ Always on VPN connections with auto-reconnect.
⚫ VPN tunnel chaining.
Android for Work enables granular VPN capabilities within
the managed profile, which eliminates the need for a
device-wide VPN. With these new capabilities, IT can
maintain greater security and control over corporate
app communication on the device.
Selective Wipe IT admins can wipe internal and external SD cards
and application data. The entire container can be
locked when compromised and can be deleted with
all its data.
Android for Work enables IT administrators to easily retire
lost or stolen devices and remotely wipe all work data
while leaving personal content intact on the device.
With corporate-owned devices, IT has total device-wide
controls, which include a full device wipe if necessary.
Capability Samsung KNOX Android for Work
Protection Against
Malicious App
The KNOX Workspace isolates enterprise apps
and data from personal user apps. Untrustworthy
personal user apps outside the Workspace cannot
affect the Workspace.
KNOX adds:
Real-time Kernel Protection (RKP) achieves three
important security features:
⚫ First, RKP completely prevents running
unauthorized privileged code (i.e., code that
has the kernel privilege) on the system, which is
accomplished by preventing modification of the
kernel code, injection of unauthorized code into
the kernel, or execution of the user space code in
the privileged mode.
⚫ Second, RKP prevents kernel data from being
directly accessed by user processes. This includes
preventing double mapping of physical memory
that contains critical kernel data into user space
virtual memory. This is an important step to prevent
kernel exploits that map kernel data regions into
malicious processes where they could be modified
by an attacker.
⚫ Third, RKP monitors some critical kernel data
structures to verify that they are not exploited by
attacks. In particular, RKP protects the data that
defines the credentials assigned to running user
processes to prevent attackers from escalating
this credential by modifying this data.
KNOX Warranty Fuse. The KNOX warranty bit is a onetime programmable fuse that signifies whether the
device has ever been booted into an unapproved
state. If the Trusted Boot process detects that nonapproved components are used, or if certain critical
security features such as SELinux are disabled, it
sets the fuse. Thereafter, the device can never run
Samsung KNOX, device access to the DUHK and
DRK in the TrustZone Secure World is revoked, and
enterprise data on the device cannot be recovered.
Android for Work protects business apps and data from
issues arising from the user’s personal activity outside
the profile, such as sideloading web apps, ordering from
unknown websites and other potentially insecure activity.
TIMA Attestation
TIMA Attestation allows a device to attest facts
about its state to a remote server, such as an MDM
server. The attestation message contains state
measurements that can be evaluated by a server,
which can then decide whether to trust the device
or not.
This message contains:
⚫ Measurements collected by Trusted Boot to prove
that only approved system software was loaded
during boot.
⚫ Security violation logs from PKM and RKP since the
last reboot.
⚫ Status of the KNOX warranty violation fuse.
⚫ Whether SE for Android is running in enforcing
⚫ Device-identifying information such as the IMEI and
Wi-Fi MAC address.
⚫ A locally-computed verdict whether the device
believes it is in a trustworthy state.
Capability Samsung KNOX Android for Work
Protection Against
Malicious App
Trusted Boot-based KeyStore (TIMA KeyStore)
The TIMA KeyStore provides applications with services
for generating and maintaining cryptographic keys.
The TIMA KeyStore is only enabled if the Trusted
Boot measurements match the known good
values in the file tima_measurement_info, and if the
KNOX warranty fuse is not set. Thus, cryptographic
operations with keys in the KeyStore can only occur if
the system was booted into an approved state. Keys
stored in the TIMA KeyStore are further encrypted
with the device-unique hardware key (DUHK), and
can only be decrypted from within TrustZone
Secure World on the same device. All cryptographic
operations on the keys are performed within
TrustZone Secure World.
The TIMA KeyStore has the same API as the
familiar Android KeyStore APIs. Therefore, the only
modification necessary is to specify that the TIMA
KeyStore be used to provide the service.
Trusted Boot-based Client Certificate Management
The TIMA CCM enables storage and retrieval of digital
certificates, as well as encryption, decryption, signing,
and verification in a manner similar to the functions
of a SmartCard. The certificates and associated
keys are encrypted with a device-unique hardware
key that can only be decrypted from code running
within TrustZone.
TrustZone-based CCM also provides the ability to
generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and
the associated public/private key pairs in order to
obtain a digital certificate. A default certificate is
provided for applications that do not require their
own certificate.
Programming interfaces for certificate storage and
management are provided in the KNOX Premium SDK.
Application developers are provided with industry
standard PKCS #11 APIs for certificate management,
and therefore interact with the CCM as if it were a
virtual SmartCard. Similar to the TIMA KeyStore, TIMA
CCM operations are permitted only if the device was
booted into an approved state.
EMM Requirement KNOX requires an EMM platform to manage KNOX
policies on the device.
Android for Work requires a multi OS EMM platform.
Capability Samsung KNOX Android for Work
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