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Samsung E1360B imei repair Manual
A Step-by-Step Guide for your Samsung E1360B to imei repair
By - created at Tuesday 24th of January 2017 12:11:55 PM
Page 1/3 Copyright 2006 - 2017
Samsung E1360B imei repair
This guide contains all the steps that need to be followed exactly to complete imei repair. The
estimated completetion time is +/-10 minutes for most users. Experienced users could do it in less then 3
minutes and first time users might need to read the manual twice to make sure they followed all steps.
Page 2/3 Copyright 2006 - 2017
What is E1360B IMEI Repair?
The IMEI is a unique identification number from your phone. Every phone in the world has a unique 15 17 digit number. This number is used by the phone to identify itself to the network. If your IMEI is
damaged to bad unlocking, reset codes or (most likely) bad flashing your phone might not be able to
connect to the network any more rendering the phone completely useless.
Repairing the IMEI revives your phone so it can be used again.
1. Advanced users only
IMEI repair is for advanced users only!
This means you need to know how to flash your phone, know what baseband repair is and have no
problems installing drivers.
2. Repair ONLY
IMEI changing is highly illegal and prohibited by law and our Terms Of Service. The IMEI repair
service is only to set back the original IMEI of the mobile phone. If we detect your attempting to
change IMEI we will provide all your details to authorities.
E1360B IMEI Repair Preparation
1. Make sure Modem and PDA parts of your phone are ok (check settings - about phone)
2. Make sure Baseband/ EFS / NVM is ok (if not you need to fix it -> Free Baseband Repair)
3. Repair SNR
In case either the baseband is still damaged (and IMEI is still not 0049xxx) and / or the phone's modem &
PDA is still damaged after full flashing and using method 4 or using Read/Write NVM (depending on the
phone type) of the Baseband Repair Tool you have hardware damaged which can NOT be fixed by
ONLY Remote IMEI Repair Solution in the world
The Simlock Remote Server by is the only remote service solution in the
world that offers IMEI repair. Support can be found here
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