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T V / Vi d e o
• HD-grade 1280(H) x 720(V) pixel resolution
• Widescreen aspect ratio
• 3000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
• 170º(H)/170º(V) viewing angle
• Built-in analog tuner (NTSC)
A u d i o
• Bottom built-in speakers
• Watts per channel: 3W x 2
C o n n e c t i o n s
• HDMI – High Definition Multimedia Interface
• 2 component video inputs (Y,Pb,Pr)
• S-video and 2 composite video inputs
• PC (RGB) input
• VESA® compatible
23" Wide HDTV Monitor with PC/DVD/TV Inputs
All features, specifications, and model numbers subject to change.
All on screen images are simulated pictures.
S a m s u n g ’s LN-S2338W is the perfect answer for
the savvy technophile who demands the highest
qual ity – and value – in a wide screen HDTV LCD.
Its 3000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and technology
deliver a remarkably crisp picture in vivid color.
The slim, piano-black frame around the 23" scre e n
incorporates bot tom bui l t- in speakers ; two
component video inputs and an HDMI™ input allow
connectivity to PCs, DVD and VHS players. The
versati le LN-S2338W is the r ight size for the
kitchen, garage, workout room, and kids’ playro o m .
Samsung Electronics America, Inc.
105 Challenger Road
Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660-0511
Tel (201) 229-4000 • 1-800-SAMSUNG
w w w. s a m s u n g . c o m
23" Wide HDTV Monitor with PC/DVD/TV Inputs
F e a t u re s
HD-grade 1280(H) x 720(V) pixel
resolution: High resolution pixel density
with built-in image scaler to handle inputs
from a variety of digital* and analog
audio/video sources.
Widescreen aspect ratio
3000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
Samsung’s PVA screen enables brighter
whites, deeper blacks and every shade in
between. It’s higher contrast ratio pro v i d e s
an abundant palette of perfect colors.
170º(H) /170º(V) viewing angle improves
viewing angle, contrast, and brightness to
provide an even better picture.
Built-in analog tuner (NTSC) m i n i m i z e s
edge image artifacts while improving
transition detail.
Progressive scan eliminates the flicker
that you see on traditional, interlaced
scanning TVs.
Still picture
Response time: 8 ms response time
minimizes blurring of moving video.
New optimized game mode
Picture-in-picture (PIP) enables convenient simultaneous viewing of TV programs
and video or PC sources.
Clock on/off timer: Perfect solution to
wake up to your favorite morning show, or
set a time to turn off the TV so it doesn’t
stay on all night. Can also be used when
y o u ’ re out.
4H digital comb filter constantly
analyzes the three dimensions of picture
height, picture width, and picture changes
o v e r-time, to dramatically reduce edge image
artifacts while improving transition detail.
V-Chip System1 allows blocking of rated
TV and movie programs determined by the
parent to contain objectionable content.
Auto channel search
Multi-lingual on-screen displays in
English, Spanish or French.
Variable sleep timer to turn the TV off in
varying time intervals.
Auto power off
Removable stand and VESA compatible
hole mounts: If you want to install your
TV on your wall, you can easily remove
the stand and use a VESA compatible
wall mount to safely and stylishly attach
your TV to the wall.
Auto volume leveler keeps audio volume
consistent during channel changing.
HDMI allows for the transmission of both
video and audio digital signals through a
single connection for higher quality and
fewer wires.
C o n n e c t i o n s
R/F input: 1
Component video input (Y,Pb,Pr): 2
S-Video inputs: 1
Composite video input: 2
PC (RGB) input: 1
Stereo headphone jack: 1
Q u a l i t y
1 year parts and labor warranty
(90 days parts and labor for commercial
use), backed by Samsung toll-free support.
S p e c i f i c a t i o n s
Panel: Wide (16:9) LCD
Bottom built-in speakers
TV system: American NTSC standard color
Channel coverage: VHF 2-13, UHF 1469, CATV 1-125 (up to 181 pre-selected
Antenna: CATV/VHF/UHF 75-ohm, F-type
Watts per channel: 3W x 2
System power: 110V
VESA® compatible: 100 x 200
Power consumption: Approximately
90W (power on), 1.5W (stand-by)
Response time: 8ms
Net dimensions & weight
( W x H x D )
Monitor without stand:
23.0" x 17.4" x 3.5"
Monitor with stand: 23.0" x 19.1" x 8.1"
Weight: 19.0 lbs.
Shipping dimensions
( W x H x D )
Dimensions: 26.8" x 22.8" x 9.3"
Weight: 23.0 lbs.
O rder code
1F e a t u re dependent upon broadcasting of information
by local off-air TV and cable channels.
HDMI, the HDMI logo and High Definition Multimedia
Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of
HDMI Licensing LLC.
Design and specifications are subject to change
without notice. Non-metric weights and measure m e n t s
are approximate.
©2006 NFL Properties LLC. All NFL-related
t r a d e m a r k s are trademarks of the National
Football League.
©2006 Samsung Electronics America, Inc. All rights
reserved. Samsung is a registered trademark of
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. All product and
brand names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
406-SS Printed in USA

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