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# tsDMT300RF RevB 03/21/2011 1
Fast Track Troubleshooting
Publication # tsDMT300RF Revision Date 03/21/2011
IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE – “For Technicians Only” This service data sheet is
intended for use by persons having electrical, electronic, and mechanical experience
and knowledge at a level generally considered acceptable in the appliance repair trade.
Any attempt to repair a major appliance may result in personal injury and property
damage. The manufacturer or seller cannot be responsible, nor assume any liability for
injury or damage of any kind arising from the use of this data sheet.
Dishwasher Cycle Chart — Air Vent Dry System
Which Detergent Ingredients Give Best Dishwasher Performance
Detergent with a separate rinse additive in the dispenser gives better drying performance.
For tough baked on soils an Enzyme detergent is better at hydration of the food soils.
For staining such as tomato, coffee and tea, a detergent with Chlorine bleach will work on the stains much better than
an Enzyme based detergent.
Now that phosphate content in dishwasher detergent has plummeted to 0.5 percent from as high as 8.7 percent, conditioned (soft) water is even more critical. The reduction of phosphates may cause spots and film on dishes that can form
when the minerals and food bits combine during the wash.
It is important to test water hardness for washability complaints.
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# tsDMT300RF RevB 03/21/2011 2
# tsDMT300RF RevB 03/21/2011 3
Component Voltage Ω
Water Valve 120vac 1.2 KΩ
Drain Pump 120vac 37Ω-42Ω
Heater 120vac 13Ω
Fan Mtr 120vac 1.8kΩ
Disp Wax Mtr 120vac 2.3KΩ
Thermal Actuator 1.45kΩ
Circulation Mtr 120vac 21.5Ω
Resistance (kΩ)
125.78 41 26.065 104
98.323 50 21.385 113
77.454 59 17.599 122
61.465 68 14.579 131
49.12 77 12.14 140
39.517 86 10.159 149
31.996 95 8.542 158
CN01 CN1 PBA Power
1 120vac L1 (Wht)
3 120vac N (Blk)
1-6 Power Relay Driver (Blk-Org)
2-6 Heater Relay Driver (Red-Org)
4-Trubidity Receiver (Yel)
5-Trubidity Transmitter (Brn)
7-6 5vdc (Pnk-Org)
8-Rinse Aid Sensor (Gry)
9-6 12vdc (Wht-Org) (Pwr On)
9-6 6vdc (Wht-Org) (Pwr Off)
1-Low Water Sensor
3-Overflow Sensor
5-Water Counter
6-Leakage Sensor
9– 12vdc
10-Door Check Receiver
CN803 Key Driver
10-11 5vdc Main PCB
1-(CN101-1) Wash Mtr (Red-Wht) 120vac (Ω test to Yel on Disp)
2-(CN101-1) Fan Mtr (S/Blu-Wht) 120vac (Ω test to Yel on Disp)
5-(CN101-1) Disp Wax Mtr (Wht-Wht) 120vac (Ω test to Yel on Disp)
7-(CN101-1) Inlet Valve (Brn-Wht) 120vac (Ω test to Yel on Disp)
8-(CN101-1) Drain Pump (Org-Wht) 120vac
# tsDMT300RF RevB 03/21/2011 4
Leaking Code
Moisture creates resistance between the pins. ALWAYS
clean the area below the pins after troubleshooting.
Check Pump Ass’y for proper twist lock.
Condensation may form on the tray from uninsulated
outside walls or large hole in the floor to a cold basement.
Check Drain Hose for cut or small hole.
Check all components mounted to the sump for any
Detergent Door Not Opening
1. Never overfill the dispenser compartment with powder or liquid, only go below or up to fill line.
2. If there is residue around the dispenser door area. Previously undispensed, partially dispensed, or door stuck close
issue) clean it with mild soap & water. The residue can foul the mating latch.
3. If the customer uses ―tablets‖ or some self contained type of soap tab, make sure it is fully seated and the door does
not ‗sandwich‘ it shut.
4. Make sure that in the rack nearest to the dispenser door when the door is shut, is not obstructing the opening of the
dispenser with some protruding utensil.
Testing The Detergent Door and Dispenser
1. Disconnect wires from disp. & close detergent door.
2. Connect Fused cheater cord and apply 120vac
3. In approximately 40 seconds the wax motor will open the door.
4. Remove power, allow wax motor to return.
5. Restore power to wax motor, in approximately 40 seconds the rinse aid will
be activated. Remove power.
6. Close detergent door to repeat test
Leaking and Poor
for split wash arms
# tsDMT300RF RevB 03/21/2011 5
Meaning Occurring condition Expected causes
When 0.2V or below, or 4.5V or above is
maintained for over 3 seconds
Thermistor not connected, Possible
defect : Thermistor , Main PBA
When the temperature change is 4℃ or
less within the first 10 minutes after the
heating starts
Htr terminal not connected
Possible defect : Main WireHarness, Htr , Htr Relay, Main PBA
When the temperature of the Thermistor
is 80℃ or above for more than 3 seconds
Water supply temp of 80℃ or above
Possible defect : Thermistor , Main
When Low Level is detected to cause
Error even after the water supply resumes after Low Level is detected for
the 1
st time
Low Level Sensor terminal not connected, Possible defect : Low Level
Sensor , Main PBA
1. When the pulse of 100 or less is detected even 1 minute after the water supply
2. When flow meter pulse is 5 or less 5
seconds after the water supply starts
3. When the water supply does not occur 5 minutes after the water supply
Alien particles within water supply
Water supply valve terminal not connected
Possible defect : Main PB, Water
supply valve , Flow Meter
When 80℃ or above is detected during
water supply
Water supply temperature of 80℃ or
Possible defect : Thermistor, Main
When OFF status of Low Level S/W is
not detected within 3 minutes during the
Alien particles clogging mater drain
Drain valve terminal not connected
Possible defect : Drain pump, Low
Level Sensor , Main PBA
When overflow detection AD data is 4.0V
or below for 3 seconds
(When leakage sensor detects 4.0V or
below for 1 sec during water supply)
Particles within water supply valve
Case Sensor part leakage, Possible
defect : Flow Meter, Main PBA
Leakage error
When leakage sensor detects 4.5V or
below for 1 seconds
Possible defect : Base part hose
connection , Sump and Tub assembly, Drain Pump assembly , Main
When the button is pressed continuously for over 30 seconds
Possible defect : Sub PBA, Main
When door is open in washing period.
Door is not close properly.
Possible defect : Door lock switch,
Main PBA
# tsDMT300RF RevB 03/21/2011 6
e Display Related Parts Symptoms
(LED Blinking)
No.1 'Quick' LED Inlet Valve
Flow Meter
Low Level
Water Supply
Low Level Water
'Normal' +
'Heavy' +
'Delicate' LED
If Door is open, 'Delicate' + 'Quick' LED will blink.
Water is supplying af ter low level S/W is detected. If low level S/W is high, Draining at f irst.
If water is not supplied, Water Supply Error ('Quick' LED) will blink.
When water level is low af ter water is supplied, Low Level Water Error ('Normal' + 'Heavy'
+ 'Quick' LED) will blink.
When Turbidity problem is detected af ter water is supplied, 'Normal' + 'Heavy' + 'Delicate'
LED will blink.
If all functions in this mode are completed, 'Wash' LED will blink.
No.2 'Delicate'
A nozzle does
not inject water.
If Low Level S/W is detected before Circulation Motor is operating, 'Sanitize' LED will blink.
No.3 'Delicate' +
'Quick' LED
Heater Error If Low Level S/W is detected before Circulation Motor is operating, 'Sanitize' LED will blink.
Circulation Motor and Heater will be operated.
When the temperature is 60℃ or above, the heater is turned of f and 'Wash' LED will blink.
If Heater or Thermistor have problems, the Heater Error (‗Heavy‘ + Delicate‘ LED) will blink.
Dispenser will operate during 2 minutes and 10 seconds only one time.
No.4 'Heavy' +
'Quick' LED
Fan Motor
The Fan Motor
does not work.
Operate Vent Motor and check whether Rinse aid is f illed.
If there is not rinse in Dispenser, Rinse Ref illed light is ON.
No.5 'Heavy' +
Overf low
Over level water
Water is supplied until Over Level Water Error ('Heavy' + 'Quick' LED) is blinked.
If Over Level Water Error occurs, overf low sensor is OK.
No.6 'Heavy' +
'Delicate' +
'Quick' LED
Drain Pump
Low Level
Drain Error Drain pump will work until low level is detected.
If Low level is not detected af ter 60 seconds, Drain Error ('Delicate' LED) will blink.
No.7 'Normal' +
'Quick' LED
Inlet Valve
Fan Motor
Drain Pump
Operate each operating part when the button is pressed. (See the below)
When the 'Quick' button is pressed, it toggles between Inlet Valve On ('Quick' LED On) ->
Off ('Quick' LED Off ).
When ‗Heavy' button is pressed, it works Circulation Motor On ('Heavy' LED On) -> Of f
('Heavy' LED Off ) -> Fan Motor On ('Heavy' LED On) -> Of f ('Heavy' LED Off ), Drain
Pump On ('Heavy' LED On) -> Of f ('Heavy' LED Off )
When 'Delicate' button is pressed, it woks Heater On ('Delicate' LED On during 2 seconds).
When a dif ferent button is pressed during individual operation of the operating part,
operating part is stopped and the applicable operation for the pressed button‘s function will
Press the ‗Heavy‘ + ‗Delicate‘ + ‗Power‘ buttons at the same time for two seconds to enter Service Inspection Mode.
All LEDs are displayed for the first two seconds and then Software-Ver. It will be indicated Binary Code using ‗Wash +
Dry + Clean + Child Lock‘ LED.
You can change the mode by pressing the Normal button once more. If press the Normal button in any mode, mode will
be changed to next mode.
If ‗Heavy + Quick‘ LED, ‗Heavy‘ LED or ‗Heavy + Delicate + Quick‘ LED error occur, enter the Service Inspection Mode
after resolving problem.
Service Inspection Mode is described in the following table. When you activate this inspection mode, the door must be

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