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ABBYY Products for Mobile Devices
ABBYY is a leading provider of
document recognition, data capture
and linguistic software. Its products
include the ABBYY FineReader
line of (OCR) applications, ABBYY
FlexiCapture line of data capture
solutions, ABBYY Lingvo dictionary
software, and development tools.
Paper-intensive organizations
from all over the world use ABBYY
software to automate time-and
labor-consuming tasks and to
streamline business processes. For
more information, please visit
The ABBYY Mobile OCR SDK provides developers with straightforward tools and OSindependent recognition technology to create optical character recognition (OCR) and
business card reading (BCR) applications for mobile imaging devices including PDAs,
camera phones and other camera-based hardware.
Samsung Mobile Phones with Integrated BCR Technology
In 2007 Samsung Electronics integrated (BCR) applications into its SCH-W579 mobile
phone available in Indonesia and into Samsung SGH U600 available in Europe. This
was the first joint project of ABBYY and Samsung Electronics. The BCR applications were
developed by DIOTEK, a Korean developer of mobile solutions and ABBYY’s strategic
partner, using the ABBYY Mobile OCR SDK. The BCR functionality allowed phone users to
capture business cards using the phone’s built-in digital camera that accurately extracts
contact information from the card directly to the address book.
Two ABBYY Business Applications in the Samsung WiTu Smartphone
ABBYY and Samsung continued their partnership to integrate two applications, the
BCR application based on the ABBYY Mobile OCR SDK and the ABBYY Lingvo dictionary
software, into the new Samsung WiTu (SGH-i900) smartphone available in Russia. The
integration enabled users of the Samsung WiTu to scan and deposit business card
information in 12 languages directly into their telephone address books, as well as rely
on ABBYY’s Russian-English/English-Russian dictionary while on the go, and therefore
to enhance their business communications. The BCR application for Samsung WiTu was
also developed by DIOTEK.
Success Story
Browse the brief success stories below to
discover how ABBYY technologies and products
for mobile devices are helping manufacturers and
developers leverage technology to offer greater
functionality and usability. These are completed
real-world projects with industry leaders in
countries around the world.
BCR Utility Efficiently Extends Capabilities of Mobile Phones
ABBYY and NewSoft, Inc., a producer of imaging, digital document
and digital TV related software, jointly developed the sample (BCR)
utility for the Windows Mobile platform, which was successfully
demonstrated at the CTIA Wireless IT & Entertainment
conference in San Francisco, 2007. The utility was an example
of how developers can provide innovative (OCR) and business
card reading functionality to mobile devices by leveraging the
capabilities of ABBYY Mobile OCR SDK. The sample application
supported recognition of business cards in nine languages:
English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese,
Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian. ABBYY and Newsoft also plan to
work together on support for Asian languages, including Chinese,
Japanese and Korean.
ABBYY FineReader Engine
ABBYY FineReader Engine is a software development kit (SDK)
that allows developers to integrate the ABBYY’s core-level
recognition technologies into new or existing applications. The
product, among other things, was used in a range of projects
involving portable imaging devices, such as:
C Technologies AB
ABBYY OCR Technology Integrated in C-Pen®
C Technologies AB, a Swedish hi-tech company, integrated
ABBYY’s OCR technology into its C-Pen, a handheld scanning and
recognition device able to scan printed text using a built-in digital
camera. C-pen photographs the needed areas of the text and
then processes the image in real time converting it into editable
text formats. With the integrated OCR engine from ABBYY, C-Pen
accurately reads text in multiple languages.
ABBYY OCR Technology Expands Camera Phone and
Digital Camera Capabilities
scanR, a software developer and provider of image processing
services, uses the ABBYY FineReader Engine as the base OCR
engine in its service that turns camera phones and digital cameras
into portable scanners, copiers and faxes. With this service,
scanR subscribers can snap a photo of a whiteboard, document
or business card, send it to scanR and receive back an extracted
text or searchable PDF in email. ABBYY’s recognition technology
delivers accuracy and scalability for even low-resolution images,
when a 240 x 240 dpi image of a letter-sized page, taken by a
4-megapixel camera, can yield accurate OCR results.
ABBYY Lingvo
ABBYY Lingvo is a versatile and easy-to-use dictionary application,
which includes comprehensive and up-to-date dictionaries
from authoritative publishers, offers intuitive interface and
advanced search capabilities. ABBYY Lingvo comes in various
versions for desktop PC and mobile devises such as Pocket PC,
communicators, and smartphones. ABBYY Lingvo has been used
in the following mobile devices:
The First Nokia’s Smartphone with Pre-installed ABBYY
Lingvo Dictionary
In 2006, Nokia launched Russia’s first smartphone, Nokia
6680, with the pre-installed mobile version of ABBYY Lingvo,
a multilingual dictionary application. The application included
24 dictionaries for 4 languages (English, German, French and
Russian), with over 600,000 entries altogether. By including this
application, Nokia offered its users a versatile multifunctional
mobile device allowing them to get useful language information
at any time and place. This application could also be installed on
other Nokia devises based on the Symbian S60 platform.
Nokia Nseries Bundled with Both Mobile and Desktop
Version of ABBYY Lingvo
In March 2006, Nokia and ABBYY Russia launched the joint
promotional program for users of the Nokia Nseries smartphones
in Russia. The mobile devices were bundled with ABBYY Lingvo
12 European Edition on CD. This version was available for
installation on both the Nokia mobile device and desktop PC. With
the ABBYY Lingvo dictionary software, the phone users gained
access to 110 up-to-date dictionaries for 6 European languages
united by the easy-to-use interface and Lingvo’s powerful search
engine. The mobile version of the dictionary is compatible with all
devices based on Symbian S60.
47221 Fremont Blvd
Fremont, CA 94538, USA
Tel +1 866.463.7689
Fax +1 510.226.6069
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ABBYY Lingvo Dictionary Available for Ukrainian Users of
Nokia Nseries
In 2007, Nokia and ABBYY Ukraine offered users of Nseries
devises a special version of ABBYY Lingvo that included 59
dictionaries for English, Russian and Ukrainian with more than
3,300,000 entries. The entries contained translations of words
and phrases, transcriptions, example sentences, synonyms
and other useful information. The dictionary was available for
installation on both the Nokia mobile device and desktop PC.
Nokia N70 with Pre-installed ABBYY Lingvo Mobile Dictionary
In 2007, Nokia launched in Russia its N70 phone with the preinstalled ABBYY Lingvo dictionary software. The application was
installed on the phone’s memory card providing users with easy,
permanent access to its comprehensive vocabulary from their
mobile devices and allowing them to translate words and phrase
from Russian to English, German, French and vice versa.
ABBYY Lingvo Mobile Travel Became a New Year Present for
Nokia Customers
In the beginning of 2008, ABBYY Russia and Nokia presented
ABBYY Lingvo Mobile Travel on memory cards, a unique version
of the dictionary application for mobile devices, to new owners
of Nokia Nseries. The application combines 35 dictionaries for
6 languages including renowned Collins English Dictionary. This
version of ABBYY Lingvo on 1GB micro SD (with a mini SD adapter)
is designed for smartphones and communicators based on
Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0 and Symbian 9.1/9.2 S60. In addition,
the application uses only a quarter of the card’s capacity leaving
the rest of the memory for users’ personal needs.
E-TEN Business Communicators Equipped with ABBYY Lingvo
In summer 2006, ABBYY and MacCenter, a distributor of E-TEN in
Russia, launched a joint program to bundle the E-TEN M 600 and
M 600+ business communicators with ABBYY Lingvo 11 RussianEnglish Edition. The bundled CD included versions of the Lingvo
dictionary application for installation on both mobile devices and
desktop PC. The application included 46 general and specialized
dictionaries to translate words and word combinations from
Russian to English and vice versa.
Samsung DuoS Mobile Devices Come with Dictionaries from
The ABBYY Lingvo Universal dictionary database was integrated
into Samsung DuoS dual SIM phones by ABBYY’s Korean partner
DIOTEK. First, it was included into Samsung D880 (for Russian
market) and supported translations of words from Russian to
English and back. Later the dictionary database was integrated
into DUOS D780 (for CIS markets) known also as DUOS Olympic
and provided instant translation of words and phrases from
Russian to English and back, and from Ukrainian to English and
vice versa.
First Pantech Finger Writing Recognition Phone in Russia
Equipped with ABBYY Lingvo
ABBYY Lingvo dictionary database has been integrated into
Russia’s Pantech phone with finger writing recognition function,
Pantech PG-2800. Korean company DIOTEK, which were
developing the recognition software for the device, suggested
Pantech equip the phone with the dictionary application from
ABBYY to further enhance its functionality and practical value.
With ABBYY Lingvo dictionary databases included, users of
Pantech PG 2800 are able to instantly translate words and
phrases from Russian to English and vice versa.
Voxtel Communicators and Smartphones Available Russia
Bundled with ABBYY Lingvo
In winter 2006-2007, ABBYY Russia and Voxtel launched a joint
program to bundle Voxtel communicators and smartphones,
including models W420, W740, and W210, with the ABBYY
Lingvo 11 dictionary software on CD. The goal of the program was
to make the devices more functional and useful. The bundled CD
allowed new users of Voxtel devices to install the complete set
of Lingvo dictionaries on both mobile phones and desktop PC.
ABBYY Lingvo Dictionary Available for Download via GPRS
In September 2007, VimpelCom, a group of telecommunication
service providers in Russia and other countries, launched the
“Activation” project to enable subscribers of Beeline (one of its
service providers) to download ABBYY Lingvo Russian-English
and Russian-German dictionaries via GPRS connection. This
service first became available for users of communicators and
smartphones based on the Microsoft Windows Mobile platform.
In addition to ABBYY Lingvo, the “Activation” package also
included other top-rated business and informational applications
for devices on Windows Mobile.

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